Promotional Strategies

We use social media marketing and community engagement to promote your fundraising campaigns.

Sustained Fundraising Efforts

Our fundraising model is perpetual, with ongoing campaigns that feature new items and periodic reminders. Organizations that adopt this fundraising program can consider Fundraising123 as their own store, with their own customized promotions to help align with their organization's values and goals. We will provide support in creating these posts as well as offering suggestions for effective strategies. Sales & earnings reports will be provided on a scheduled basis.

Our Shipping Policy

Below is our shipping policy. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Financials & Agreements

A simple agreement will be signed to formalize the partnership. Either party may cancel the agreement at any time in order to provide flexibility and ease of mind. The fundraising entity will receive 20% of the total sales revenue. Payments will be made monthly for amounts over $100. If the payout is less than $100, the amount will be accumulate and sent out once it reaches $100.

Products Offerings

We continuously add new product offerings to our website, so be sure to check our website frequently! We currently offer over a thousand different products with our specialty being batteries and lighting solutions.


How Long Must A Partnership Agreement Last?


There is no specific timeframe for an agreement. The agree is at-will and can be terminated by either party at any time without penalty.

How Much Will The Organization Earn From Fundraising?


The organization will earn 20% of the total sales revenue.

When Will Orders be Shipped Out By?


Once an order is received, the order will be shipped out within 48 hours.

Do You Accept Returns?


Yes. Please check the returns page for more information.

Where Can I Find Graphics To Share On My Social Media?


In the menu on our website there is a tab called "Social Media Downloads". Here is where you can view and download our graphics for social media use.